Magnetic disk

The original Wheel keeps records in place with tiny clamps built into its stick.
In Wheel 2 the drive system works differently from the original Wheel. That's why we've redesigned the way Wheel 2 holds records.

Wheel 2, if used horizontally, needs no clamps or locks to hold a record. When Wheel 2 is used vertically on a stand or hanging on a wall, a magnetic disk keeps the record in place. This magnetic disk is also used to center seven inch singles with large holes.

The magnets built into the disk align precisely with the ring magnet inside Wheel 2’s plateau. To ensure an undistorted and focussed field, and to minimise excess weight, we milled the magnetic disk out of pertinax.
Earlier versions of the disk (see update #63 in our blog) were designed differently and pulled a bit harder. The magnetic field in the new pertinax disk is more evenly dosed, and is easier to use.

Wheel 2’s magnetic disk doesn’t add balancing weight, and it doesn't absorb or equalise uneven rotation. Wheel 2 itself takes care of that. The sole purpose of the magnetic disk is to hold records in place when Wheel 2 is used vertical, and to center singles with a large hole. The magnetic disk comes standard with every Wheel 2.

Wheel 2 deliveries start at September 1st.

Thank you for your support!
Peter and the Wheel team