Wall mount

Like the original Wheel, Wheel 2 can be hung on the wall. For that purpose, we made two keyholes in the backplate of Wheel 2. To use Wheel 2 this way, a rigid, solid wall works best. Wheel 2 might pick up vibrations from a stud type wall, this could affect audio quality. Wheel 2 is very forgiving when it doesn't hang perfectly level. It functions normally within a 10° margin.
Wheel 2's back plate with added dimensions. Wheel 2's outer diameter is Ø329 mm.
For easy alignment, the level indicator on Wheel 2's display shows its position. If the row of lights is centered between the dots, Wheel 2 is level. If the row moves past one of the dots, Wheel 2 is out of the skew zone and will be deactivated.
Wheel 2's optical level indicator. If the row of lights is centered between the outer dots, Wheel 2 is level.
In the coming days we will ship early bird Wheel 2's to selected users. Regular deliveries of Wheel 2 start at September 1. Wheel 2 ships on a first come, first served basis. While building of Wheel 2 is going very well, building of the original Wheel continues slowly, and the shipping damage rate is still too high. We keep working on these issues.
More than 80% of our Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers responded to the survey, of which 91,2% chose to upgrade to Wheel 2. 
If you plan to upgrade but missed the survey, please check your spam or send a request to service@miniot.com.
Thank you for your ongoing support,
Peter and the Wheel team