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Wheel 2

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A feast for the eyes

Defying gravity

Unlike normal record players, Wheel 2 is designed as a vertical turntable from the ground up, considering all forces that come with it.
Its advanced interplay of three controlled motors and a bunch of sensors make Wheel 2 adjust to your records, not just run smooth circles.
Your records aren’t perfect. Wheel 2 is built to enjoy your entire record collection*, old or new, pristine audiophile ones, or the old ones from your parents.*
*Wheel 2 plays 7, 10 and 12 inch records, 33 and 45 rpm.


Operating Wheel 2 is as intuitive as can be. Just put on a record, give it a swing and it starts playing.
The slide track and curved display line makes navigating organic and effortless.
Minimal dimensions and narrow viewing angle make it unobtrosive, enhancing Wheel 2’s minimalist shape

The tonearm

Wheel 2’s tonearm is truly linear.
Its super fast tracking control keeps the stylus in the groove in an unseen way, and is extremely gentle to your records.
Our beautiful preamp is built as a structural element of the tonearm. This makes the delicate signal path from cartridge to preamp extremely short. This is the most effective way to prevent signal loss, noise, eliminate distortion and preserve the unique quality of your recordings.

The cartridge


As simple as Wheel 2 appears, boy what a challenge it has been to develop it. It took us five years of hard work to get it right. Because building Wheel 2’s goes very well, and we are working away the backlogs, we just ended its pre-order status.
You can now order a Wheel 2 at its intended retail price of €1500. All full price orders will be delivered in Q1. Our building capacity isn’t endless, and we don’t want to compromise on building quality, the amount of orders will be limited.

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How to order Wheel 2

Wheel 2 is available in walnut and cherry. A limited edition in piano black.
Delivery in Q2.