Happy new year!

We look back on a year of big steps. We built lots of Wheels and streamlined our shop.
At the start of 2024, the Wheel 2 series is mature, production is on track, our team is tight and the future looks bright!
We don't rest on our laurels. Getting rid of the waiting list is still our top priority, but we also work hard on new ideas and new products.

From now on, all Wheels ship with the new magnetic puck made out of solid aluminium.
It is also available in the shop for an introductory price of € 35.

AT-VM95 Cartridge
New Wheel 2’s can now be equipped with a modified Audio Technica ATVM95E cartridge at an extra € 99.
The AT-VM95E (elliptical) is a clear sonic improvement over the standard AT95E.
It makes Wheel 2 sound even more rich and open, and its robustness make it a versatile daily driver.

Another advantage of the ATVM95 cartridge: It can be used with different styli. Of these styli, the Nude Shibata truly stands out.
Its refined groove contact reveals even more detail, and makes a perfect pair with your Wheel 2.
We now offer the modified ATVM95 Nude Shibata stylus separately at € 250.

We wish you good health and good spirits for 2024!
Peter and the Wheel team