While building the new White Wheels edition 2023, it struck me how much Wheel is improved in the past year. 
At first glance, it’s almost the same as last years White Wheel, but boy is it changed!
Apart from the evolved software, we made numerous big and small changes to the tonearm and the drive system. Higher grade materials where it matters, tighter tolerances where it counts.

The result is the same Wheel experience, but so much smoother.
Most changes aren’t visible, but some you can see:
The stand is now made of white coated solid aluminium. Its stands more sturdy and dampens vibrations even better. We also changed the port setup for improved accessibility.

New magnetic puck
The magnetic puck holds your records when Wheel is used upright. You can also use it to center singles with a large hole.
We made a new version out of aluminium, with rearranged the magnets for an improved grip.
The new magnetic puck is bundled with the White Wheel. It will be available with other Wheels next year.

We have a few White Wheels left. When ordered this week we can guarantee delivery before Christmas. Click here to order

From Christmas to January 8th, we are having a short break.

Happy Holidays!
Peter, Greet, Piet and the Wheel team.