Miniot at the Dutch Design Week

We’re back at the shop, after a very inspiring and intense 9 days at the Dutch Design Week 2023. We were present at the Piet Hein Eek factory in Eindhoven. 

If you were there, you've seen us demonstrating Wheels and showing our new Klapklok.

Hifi Corner loaned us a beautiful pair of Lyngdorf Cue-100 speakers and a TDAI amplifier. 

Connected to this high end equipment, Wheel never sounded better! A big thank you to Willy and Yannick from

Black Wheel and Lyndorf. Innovation
Black Wheel and Lyndorf. Innovation!

We also showed a Coverfront cabinet from Ophon. Check out the funkiest way to store and display your records at

We decorated part of our exposition with coloured records from Green Vinyl Records. We believe these very special records are the future of vinyl. They sound better, they last longer, and it costs much, much less energy to manufacture these records. Our new transparent record, the one we bundle with each Wheel, is made this way.

Our team continued to build Wheels while we were away. Building Wheels is going well. We’re updating our delivery planning.

Thank you!
Peter, Greet, Piet and the Wheel team.