White Wheel

White Wheel is a minimalist turntable with all technology hidden behind your record. It works upright on a stand or wall, or flat on a table.

Our signature White Wheel edition 2023 brings together everything we’ve learned about building turntables.
It’s meticulously tuned with selected components, packed with updates*, it’s all white, it costs € 3599, and we'll build only 10 of them.

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White Wheel
White Wheel
White Wheel
White Wheel
White Wheel
White Wheel
White Wheel
White Wheel

Beautiful design

White Wheel is a minimal masterpiece, built to be displayed. From a distance, it almost disappears behind the record. 
Up close, the details reveal a refined instrument, built to make your records shine. It’s a feast for the eyes and for the ears.
You can set it upright, with the included stand. If if you prefer to hang it on the wall, it rises to the occasion. 
Enjoy beauty from every angle, whether you press play or not. You can even use it horizontal, almost like a normal turntable.


Development of Wheel seems to never stop. White Wheel edition 2023 is our finest Wheel to date, and it is packed with updates.
Our new rev.4 linear tonearm is significantly refined, with a silent superbronze sliding mechanism that’s even more precise and gentle to your records. 
Wheel's operating system, with all its features added over the years, has been rewritten from the ground up. Apart from improved efficiency and new functions, the software can now be updated by users.

The redesigned stand made out of solid aluminium is much more stable and enhances damping of vibrations even further.


In 2017 we invented the original Wheel turntable and launched a Kickstarter campaign. It took us six years of hard work to turn Wheel into reality. 
Now, we develop and hand-build Wheels in our lab in Schagen, Noord-Holland. Wheel is a Dutch Design Award finalist.
The White Wheel is a celebration of our achievement, but it also helps to support our production capacity.

Other Wheels

Check out our other Wheels! Wheel 2 is available in cherry and walnut, and the Black Wheel is all black. Prices start at €1999, guaranteed delivery within 4-6 weeks.

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Ease of use

  • Volume control

    Wheel’s innovative Slide track and line display contains a wealth of functions in a very simple design.You always feel in control. To change output volume, just slide the track.

  • Control playback

    The Slidetrack does more than just slide. Below the track are three buttons. Just press on the Slidetrack to play, pause, select next or previous track.

  • Tracks scan

    Wheel’s sensors precisely scan your record’s tracks. The leds on the display show the track positions, and the bright led shows the stylus position.

Stunning sound

Wheel's beauty isn’t just skin deep. It’s packed with technology to master sonic excellence. A feast for the eyes and ears!

Constant Groove Speed & Unique Stylus Tracking

Normal good record players might run a precise 33 1/3 rpm rotational speed for a LP, but we think that misses the point. The record itself defines the playback quality as much as the player does, probably more. Wheel uses three closed loop motors and the linear tonearm to control all movement where it counts most: at the tip of the stylus.

Wheel continuously gathers info of all these motors to calculate the correct speed of the track or groove. White Wheel even plays a record that's out of alignment or balance. Just pop on almost any record on your White Wheel and enjoy your music as pure as it gets.

The acclaimed AT Nude Shibata cartridge provides our enhanced built-in audiophile preamp with precise and glorious audio. Wheel’s unmatched stylus tracking and constant groove speed are true turntable innovations, unique to Wheel.

How to connect Wheel

  • Wheel to headphones

    Headphones can be directly connected to Wheels 3,5 mm mini-jack Audio output. Volume can be controlled with Wheel’s Slide Track.

  • Wheel to bluetooth

    A Bluetooth transmitter can be directly connected to Wheels 3,5 mm mini-jack Audio output. Volume can be controlled with Wheel’s Slide Track, or via Bluetooth.

  • Wheel to amplifier

    An amplifier can be directly connected to Wheels 3,5 mm mini-jack Audio output. Always use the line or aux input of your amplifier. Never use the Phono input! Volume can be controlled with Wheel’s Slide Track, or on your amplifier.

  • Wheel to active speakers

    Active speakers can be directly connected to Wheels 3,5 mm mini-jack Audio output. Volume can be controlled with Wheel’s Slide Track, or on the speakers.

  • Wheel to Sonos

    Sonos devices with line input can be directly connected to Wheels 3,5 mm mini-jack Audio output. Volume can be controlled with Wheel’s Slide Track, or on the Sonos system. Sonos devices with line input are: Sonos era, Sonos five, Sonos amp, Sonos connect, Sonos port. Contact your Sonos dealer for the right cable.


You have created a work of art of very high quality.

We are extremely impressed. The choice and composition of the materials make Wheel 2 a beautiful, high-quality product.
It is intuitive to use and the display is an extra eye-catcher.

Paul de Goede

I recently picked up my Wheel-2 personally in Schagen and I am very satisfied! The sound is great, crystal clear, the operation is very nice and simple, completely in keeping with the design.
In short, a deep bow and I have a unique record player that I use with pride!

Jaap de Koning

Very happy with my Wheel 2! It is a beautiful product, sounds great and is easy to use.

Eric Huisman

I received The Wheel 2 from you. What a fantastic sound. What a difference with CD and MP3, where you still can hear the loss due to digitization. I had to say goodbye to my LP's 15 years ago, but I never really liked the sound of CD's. Sampling is impoverishment and you miss the harmonics. Thanks for bringing this LP quality back into my life, great!

André Elferink

After unpacking we saw The Wheel 2 for the first time in real life. Wow! And after connecting, the party just got bigger and bigger. The beautiful full and warm sound, amazing. This is what it's all about in the end.

All I can say is, what a fantastic machine. And what an eye-catcher.

Frits Bijlenga

I received my Black Wheel and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!  It is SO elegant, has INCREDIBLE features, and is a work of art that I am proud to display!!  I know that you have put so much of your money, time, and hearts into this product, and I think you have created something extraordinary!!

Thank you for creating such a wonderful product and for your prompt responses to my questions during the buying process.

James Varaklis

Finally got the Wheel 2 after all the customs stuff.  I am blown away and so happy.  Thank you so much for your help.  It is more than I expected and could have hoped for.  Wheel 2 is such a masterpiece of engineering .  Thank you to your family for bringing a revolution to how vinyl is played and also enjoyed.  I can't wait to see what more that you all bring to the table of the evolution of the Wheel. I am forever a fan and customer.  

Will Spencer

The Wheel 2 arrived safe yesterday. It was a really nice experience to unpack and hear the first vinyls and also the whole system is really amazing.

Please say thanks to the whole team.

Andreas Aigner

I've had the Wheel 2 for a couple of months now and I could not be happier. I like beautiful, well designed things and the Wheel 2 is, imho, really up there. So, I guess what I want to say is 'bravo' and 'thank you'.

Götz Freytag

Product Details

In the box

  • White Wheel 2023 turntable
  • Wheel’s trademark transparent record
  • Magnetic puck/single adapter
  • Wooden stylus cleaning brush
  • 5V DC usb power supply
  • 2 meter power cable
  • User’s manual
  • Two legged stand and screwdriver


Audio output 

3,5 mm Mini-Jack

Wheel can be directly connected to a headphone.

To connect the Wheel to an amplifier, use an RCA/Mini-Jack cable and connect to an amplifier line input
(Warning: not suitable for Phono input!)  


USB Type C 5 V connector

Power supply 100-240V AC - 5V 2A
Plug type is based on country or user preference




White Wheel 2023 dimensions
Wheel base Ø x H 330 x 42,7 mm
Total Weight 3300 gram
Audio Technica AT-VM95 Nude Shibata
Type Moving magnet, dual magnet cartridge
Frequency Response

20 - 25,000 Hz

Channel Separation

23 dB (1 kHz)

Vertical tracking angle


Tracking force

1.8 to 2.2gram (horizontal/vertical setup)

Stylus 2.7 x 0.26 mil Shibata
Stylus Construction Nude Square Shank
Replacement Stylus AT-VMN95SH (User replaceable)
Cartridge is factory fitted to the tonearm. Not user replaceable.

Phono preamplifier (built into tonearm)

RIAA accuracy +/-0.2dB @20Hz - 20kHz

 Miniot Linear tonearm 

Electromagnetic stylus pressure
Closed loop position control
Tangential tracking
Servo controlled stylus tracking
Drive system

Self learning closed-loop speed control, speed 33,3 and 45 rpm