Wheel 2's rear

Like the original Wheel, Wheel 2 works in two orientations too. It can be used as a normal turntable, horizontally, flat on a table. And it can be used upright on a stand or mounted on a wall. When Wheel 2 is upright on a stand, its bottom becomes its rear. 
We paid extra attention to the design of the bottom plate to make Wheel 2 look good from all sides, regardless of orientation.
Wheel 2 deliveries will start on September 1st.
Peter and the Wheel team
Wheel 2 looks good from all sides. No screws are visible on the rear of Wheel 2.
Production of Wheel 2's bottom cover plate. It's a 3 mm black aluminium layered plate, with recesses for the drive system. After the plate is machined it is pressed into its final shape.