Wheel is where we want it to be. We’re there. Deliveries of Wheel start in July. We can finally complete the switch from developing mode to manufacturing mode. In our minds and in our shop. In July we can give you more specific delivery dates.

You know what was needed to arrive where we are. To me, it’s a huge relief we succeeded on our own terms, and that we’re still on top of this magnificent but somewhat exploded project.

We told you about our plateau and bearing issues before. We ultimately built an automated setup that centers, turns and polishes the main plateau bearings up to microscopic precision. The image gives you an impression of the purity of the plateau’s main bearing surface.

We thank you for your superhuman patience and will celebrate the day that our Wheel becomes your Wheel.

Peter and the Miniot team

Compressed main plateau bearing

One of our Wheel test mules. The cover plate is partly cut open to easily test components before assembling

Rejected plateaus ready for recycling