Dear backers,

We hope you’re doing well in these bizarre times. We’re okay, and our quarantine isn’t stopping us from finishing Wheel. A few Wheel team members try to work from their homes as well as they can. Piet and I, being in the same place, can continue mostly at full speed. 

Communication and supply from Asia, while getting better by the day, is still not as good as we hope for, and transports from there to us also take longer. In the previous update we mentioned the delay of the cable assemblies. We waited with this update until we got confirmation that these are on their way. They finally are.

We’ve been using the time to implement further refinements to Wheel’s user interface.  Here’s our meticulously retimed ‘breathing’ light on the stick in Wheel's pause mode. It is inspired by the lighthouses along the coast of Holland.

For clarity, we slightly enhanced the contrast of this movie. In reality it’s just there, grabbing your attention in a subtle way. We also redesigned blinking patterns for play, skip, jog and error modes into the stick.

As we’re preparing for our final leap, we wish you good health and good spirits,

Peter and the Wheel team