Same Boat

Dear backers,
In the midst of an almost complete lockdown of the Netherlands, and most of the world, the core of our team is in good health and working as committed as ever on Wheel. In-house part production continues at a slightly lower pace, but the situation is almost normal. However, deliveries from our suppliers have become less certain.

Our Chinese cable assemblies manufacturer dropped off the radar for a full month, but luckily started to show signs of life last week. They told us they’re okay and expect to ship our assemblies within 3-4 weeks. To be honest it crossed our minds to search for a new supplier, but apart from being near impossible to find one in these times, we decided that sticking with them is the right thing to do.

Finishing the final revision of Wheel's main logic board is going less smooth as well. We continue to work closely with our electronics engineering partners on this, despite of the obvious roadblocks.

Nothing will stop Wheel. This storm will pass, like the ones before.

Thank you for your support. Hang on, stay well and take care!
Peter and the Wheel team.

Turning of Wheel's main spindle