Production of Wheel’s platter, or plateau as we call it here at Miniot, is causing a significant delay.

The plateau is the largest precision part in Wheel, and it’s quality is vital for Wheel's performance.
As with other parts, but especially with the plateau, it comes down to very high mechanical precision, stability, density, and acoustical properties.

After a long and intense research cycle, we finally found that the process of high pressure aluminium diecasting and cnc machining gave us the plateau we wished for.
Because the complexity of the mouldmaking and manufacturing processes, and our quality demands, the choice of suppliers is limited. 
It has taken us many months to find the right partner, develop a good working relationship, and negotiate a fair price within a rock solid specification.
Production of the plateaus is well under way, but with normal lead times of 16 to 20 weeks for the diecast/cnc process, a further delay of the delivery of Wheel is inevitable.

Our stock of components is growing and growing, and we can’t wait to start assembling Wheels for you, but arrival of the plateaus is still at least 12 weeks away.
We can’t forcibly speed up the process, and we don’t want to cut corners that could jeopardize quality. 

Except for the plateaus, we have a firm grip on production. And we’ll use the time to refine Wheel even further.

Apart from this setback, we're absolutely confident Wheel will be worth the wait!

Stacks of sticks
Stacks of unfinished sticks, straight from the machine.
The sticks are in full production. After milling, the selected wooden parts are impregnated, rotation sanded, and finished and polished. 
A small stainless steel tube is mounted inside of the stick to make it unbreakable, along with a light transmitting rod.
A translucent acrylic cap on top transmits the bright light from the led below!