Full power

Today, we are hand building Wheel 2's with a larger team: Kasper, Floris, Piet, Arco, Levi, Maarten, Dinte, Storm and myself are directly involved in building Wheels. Anne, Greet, Sjoert, Berend and Jet support us on service, video and communication matters.

The atmosphere is vibrant and that pays off: about 200 customers have received their Wheel 2 - and their experiences speak louder than words! For now, the focus is solely on building Wheel 2's to make sure you can enjoy yours as soon as possible.

New Wheels
As I have tried to make a spectacularly designed hand built machine at a mass production price for far too long, you can probably imagine that resources are scarce. New sales enable us to keep building at a steady pace and send you the turntable you are so excited for. With our current team, we can reserve a small percentage of our building capacity for new orders.

Wheel 2 is €1.999 for new purchases and ships within 4 weeks. This price finally truly reflects the value of Wheel 2. All new is the audiophile Black Wheel, a special edition which uses the acclaimed Audio Technica Nude Shibata cartridge and a wealth of refinements.

The exceptional Black Wheel is available at €3.799 and ships 2 weeks from order. We only hand build maximum 5 Black Wheels per month.
Both models are available at the difference in price if you decide to upgrade from your existing order.

It's obvious that the Wheel project turned out to be more complicated than expected, resulting in long waiting times for backers and constant high pressure over here. We are a small company with big ideas - and we still are, however, now much more cautious to find the balance.

We're here, determined to serve you and the outlook is bright!

Until you have your Wheel 2 in your hands, you can check out instruction and impression video's Berend made so far - all gathered at this page: miniot.com/pages/media

Thank you for your ongoing support,
Peter and team Wheel