Making of Wheel 2

Dear Wheel supporters,

We wish you the best for 2023, and of course, your Wheel!

With our team of seven, we build as many Wheels as we can, as fast as we can. Berend created an impression of the team at work.

Transport clip
We improved the packaging once again to further reduce shipping issues.
The bottom plate was modified to accommodate for a new transport clip that firmly holds the tonearm into place during transport.

The transport clip is slid into the tiny hole we made in the bottom plate of Wheel 2. Never forget to remove the clip before you start to use Wheel 2!

White Wheel
The White Wheel was a succes, it sold out in a weekend and all were delivered before Christmas.
Price increase
After five years, Wheel and Wheel 2 are still as unique as they were when we started the project. We learned the hard way that its initial price didn't reflect it's unique qualities or even cover its building costs. In the end, Wheel and Wheel 2, with all features and refinements, are hand built design turntables, not mass products. Wheel 2 now starts at € 1999. 

Hold on and take care!

Peter and the Wheel team
Harrit sent us this picture of his very nice Wheel 2 setup.