We build advanced technology into Wheel and Wheel 2 to make your life easier, not to complicate things. You just put on a record, play it and enjoy the music.

We developed nearly all technology ourselves. The only exception is the cartridge. A cartridge is, at its basic level, an electromechanical transducer. It turns the mechanical movement of the needle (stylus) in the record groove into an electrical signal. We are very fond of the Audio Technica's AT95E cartridge, the one we use in our Wheels. We not only chose it for its sonic performance, but also for its build quality.

The tonearm in Wheel and Wheel 2 is designed around the AT95E. 
For a perfect fit and optimal weight, we removed all excess plastic from both the cartridge and the stylus. Apart from that, the cartridges are unmodified. Each spare stylus comes with a special tool to easily replace it.

After two years into the Wheel project, Audio Technica introduced a successor to the AT95E, the AT-VM95 series. This cartridge is a step up from the AT95E. It also comes with a choice of styli in five different shapes: Conical, Elliptical, Microlinear, Shibata, and Special Line Contact. 
Each stylus has its own strength and purpose. We'll tell you more about this soon.

Our trusted AT95E sounds just as fine as it always did, so we continue to build it into the standard Wheel 2. But we will also offer the AT-VM95 series as a purists choice. From September 1st, the shop will be updated with all the options.

The new Audio Technica AT-VM95 series offers a range of styli.
Stylus pressure
The tonearm of Wheel 2 is essentially a cnc controlled device. Unlike other linear arms, its X and Z position is continually monitored and adjusted with the utmost precision. This poses much less strain on the stylus and cantilever, and your record.
If you want to explore sonic horizons, we designed a super simple way to manually set the stylus pressure. Not by balancing weights, or by fiddling with a screwdriver, but from the display.

In Wheel 2, adjusting stylus pressure is now just a menu option. The clip shows the stylus pressure interface, from 0 to 4 grams in eight separate blocks. You can set stylus pressure in 0,1 gram increments. As you can see, we changed the blueish tint of the leds into a much more pleasing warm white.
We are processing the replies to the survey mails we sent last week. Currently, 70% have responded, of which 93% chose to upgrade to Wheel 2. If you didn't receive the survey, please check the original mail account that you used.

Wheel 2 is on schedule. Deliveries start at September 1st.

Peter and the Wheel team