In tune

In mechanical music reproduction devices like record players, you can hear even the smallest imperfections. Especially fluctuations in speed can make music sound uneven and out of tune.
Constant rotational speed is an important benchmark to judge turntable quality. Like any good record player, our Wheels turn at a stabilized 33,3 or 45 rpm.
Constant track speed
Wheel 2 goes one step further. We developed a new and revolutionary approach to playing records: Constant track speed. Even at a perfect rotational speed of a turntable, if a record is out of center, track speed will vary, and music will sound indistinct or even unpleasant.
Wheel 2 does more than just maintaining constant rotational speed. Using all data gathered from tonearm, stylus and drive position, it recalculates the correct track speed on the fly, putting your records in tune. We developed this unique technology exclusively for Wheel 2. It's not available in any other record player.
Constant track speed at work. All arm movements are digitally controlled to keep the stylus in the groove of this out of center record. The movement data is used to correct rotational speed to put this record in tune.
Wheel 2's constant track speed works in the background and is turned on by default. Just put on a record and enjoy the purity of the music!
Wheel 2 is on track in every way.
Best, Peter