All for sound

Closed loop
Even the best vinyl records aren't perfect. To make Wheel 2 play all kinds of records reliably, we built a new system that controls speed, tracking and balance. The three motors in Wheel 2 work together in a single 3d closed loop transport system.

The motors of the plateau, the arm base and the tonearm and even the stylus are all interacting with this system. Combined with the built-in orientation sensor, Wheel 2's intelligent tracking compensates all deviations in real time. Records are always tracked perfectly linear, even if they are warped, off-center or uneven.

The image of the tonearm in update #64 left people wondering how Wheel 2's bearingless armbase works. The video shows how. By design, movement of the base is constrained to a horizontal parallel direction. It just can't move in other directions.
In the video, the finger moves the base more than one millimeter. This demonstrates the principle, but in reality, changes of +/- 0,25 micron are detected, so movement is nearly invisible. And totally inaudible. This makes the tonearm free of vibrations and backlash, and completely eliminates distortion.

These technologies make Wheel 2 unique. More importantly: Wheel 2 makes your records sound like you've never heard before!

Thank you for your support,
Peter and the team