Wheel's boards are green in every way

We’re happy to tell you that Wheel’s electronics boards are locked down and the first series are in production! 3 sets of boards control most of Wheel’s functions.


Wheel stick boards

A pair of round stacked boards are mounted just below the record’s support disc and control Wheel’s stick. On the top board sits a pass through encoder for headphone volume control. The bottom board contains four navigation side switches, the lighthouse led and the top switch.

Wheel control board

At the heart of Wheel is its digital control unit. We’re working on a detailed explanation of the sensors and switches. More on this board later!

Wheel audio board

The analog audio board is located separately in Wheel’s base. High grade audio components are surface mounted in a clean symmetric layout. Careful alignment keeps the paths as short as possible and transport the audio free of distortion and in optimal separation. All outside connectors are mounted through the board for a rock solid and reliable interface to your equipment.

The boards are designed and made in Holland! Because of its build and component quality we’re confident these boards will last forever. That’s why they are green:)