Refining, refining, refining

Building larger series of Wheels for a longer period of time is a new chapter in our adventure.
Six years ago we were turntable design newbies, and we had much to learn.
Two years ago we were new to turntable volume production and the learning is still going on.

Today, we have a steady output of more than 25 Wheel 2’s per week except for the holiday weeks.
About three quarters of our production is shipped to backers and pre-order customers. All is set to continue this pace, and hopefully speed it up.

Over time, Wheels keep getting better. The inspired process that ultimately made Wheel a reality is the same process that keeps improving Wheel.
Most of Wheel 2’s refinements are fit and finish in hardware and software, and upping the specs.
We continue to make almost all Wheel parts ourselves, but to improve workflow, a few parts are now made to our specification by external suppliers.
Wheel's operating system is at version 161. It’s not just streamlining code, improving error correction or adapting to new hardware; we still add new features.

Wheel 2 Record Cleaning Mode
On a normal record player, you run the platter and hold a brush against it to clean the grooves.
The latest version of Wheel has a similar function: Record Cleaning Mode. In this mode, the record turns at 33,3 rpm in an adjusted torque setting, with audio off and the arm in paused position.
The higher torque allows you to hold a brush against the record to clean the grooves. Don’t forget to flip the record before you start playing. Wheel plays the other side.

Only on the latest Wheels: Brushing off your records on Wheel with Record Cleaning Mode.

Meet us again
We will be collecting our growing list of videos on our new YouTube channel:

You can also meet us live. On September 23 and 24 we are hosting an intimate audio weekend at our facility in Schagen. Of course we’ll be demonstrating Wheels, you can see how we build them, and our companion audio entrepreneurs will show off some spectacular gear!

From October 21-29, we’ll also be present with Wheel at the Dutch Design Week 2023 at the Piet Hein Eek factory. More news about both events later!

Thank you for your support!

Peter and the Wheel team.

Dutch Design week 2017
In 2017, we were present as Dutch Design Award finalists on the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. In October 2023, we’ll be back!