Rear Wheel

Wheel can be used in three ways: horizontal, vertical on a wall, or upright on a table with the included stand. As a consequence of our inside-out development process, the stand was the very last design to be finished.

The stand is made of a 6 mm bottom plate with five openings, two metal tubes, two bolts and mounting tools. Four of these are custom made. Like every other part of Wheel, the stand had to be designed, tested, refined, polished, and components and material had to be purchased and tooled for production. And even while we're aware that some of you will never use it, we did our utmost to make this humble stand worthy to carry your Wheel. The stand puts Wheel upright in a slight backward angle, and shows Wheel's rear in a glorious way.

In a previous update we informed you about Wheel's magnetic 'floating' wooden feet. When used with the stand, these feet can be removed from Wheel's Pertinax bottom and placed into the stand plate. This way Wheel's suspension works the exact same way vertically as it does horizontally.

Wheel Record 1
We rejected the first proof pressing of Wheel's transparent record. It sounded wonderful, but its appearance was not what we envisioned. We learned -again- that good communication with suppliers is crucial. After all, Wheel is a team effort. The new proof pressing is on its way to us for approval, and the records will be pressed soon.

Thank you again for your ongoing support!

Peter Kolkman and the Miniot team