Powering Wheel

The concept of Wheel was dreamed up in a split second. Prototypes materialized in just weeks. And you know what happened next. When we brought development and production of Wheel home, we postponed all work on Wheel's peripherals and accessories, and started to work our way up from the bottom of Wheel to where we are now. With everything running smoothly, it was high time to finish the design of the transparent record, the manual, and the packaging. And, as you can read below, the power supply.

The success of vinyl
Every Wheel comes with a transparent record that allows you to look inside when Wheel is playing. It contains three short tracks on one side. The rest is transparent. Because of the above, we finalized the selection and editing of tracks, worked out the copyrights, designed the labels and sleeve just a while ago. Back in 2017, lead time for record production was four to five weeks. Now it's ten. It really shows that vinyl has taken off in the last few years.

The beast and the beauty

A power supply converts the alternating current from your wall socket to the 12 volt direct current (dc) that powers Wheel. To output clean audio, Wheel needs a quality external power supply that delivers clean, ripple and noise free dc. To avoid another roadblock we decided on purchasing an existing power supply of robust quality. When the first shipments of power supplies arrived we realized how ugly they were. Most power supplies are black plastic lumps with folded up black wires attached to them, held together by a twist tie. These wires are almost impossible to straighten and to us it was unthinkable to ship these with our Wheel. We preferred to do what we always do.

So here it is: The Wheel power supply. Both housing and connector are made out of fire safe wood, matching the wood type of your Wheel. It's internals are made with the finest components, compliant to all standards. And last but not least; the dc wire is 2 meter long, shielded with a metal spring sleeve, that comes unfolded.

Working hard for the next update!

Peter Kolkman and the Miniot team

The power supply we bundle with each Wheel is available in EU, UK, US/JP and AUS versions. Shown below is the EU model.