Building Wheels

Dear backers,

We owe you more clarity about Wheel deliveries. Since a while, our website mentions a delivery date of spring 2022 for new preorders. Because we deliver in chronological order, this means we will fulfill all current orders in the spring of 2022.

Here’s why:
Firstly, we continue to push the building and delivering of Wheels hard as we can. We realised that Wheel would never become profitable if we kept struggling with the persisting bottlenecks the way we’ve been doing. Working harder with more people only led to more frustration and costs. So we split teams: Kasper, Arco, Johan and Henk continue to build Wheels, and Piet and I spent the better part of this year to develop solutions to eliminate the bottlenecks. This risky and lengthy process is starting to pay off. Building speed of Wheel will soon be incomparable to the current situation.

All digital and analogue electronics that was developed in association with external partners is now completely replaced by our own designs. While a very tough learning experience and a write-off you can’t imagine, we couldn’t think of another way to go forward and stabilize quality, and to create a solid foundation for the future. By owning 100% of the hardware and the software, integration and refinement of all parts is so much easier, with better quality Wheels as a logical result. More radical mechanical changes are on their way to be implemented.

We finally decided on the chipset of the Bluetooth transmitter for Wheel. In november we’ll be offering a complete external solution in case you want to use your Wheel wireless.

In the meantime, we just go on to deliver Wheels. One by one, the small group of Wheel owners is getting bigger.

Stay tuned.


Wheel’s homegrown control and audio boards. By controlling both electronics and mechanics, integration and finetuning of all components has become much more efficient and organic.