Dear backers,

Building and tuning Wheels remains tough. As the production team gets more experienced and better equipped, at least building Wheels finally has become predictable.

We’re still not making the volumes we need to meet our projections, but we’re lucky to have a team in place that just keeps going. 

This allowed me to split teams and free up time to develop the rigorous changes needed to scale the Wheel project to the level it deserves.

After everything that’s behind us, we’re satisfied we got Wheel’s quality right and that building speed and profitability are within reach.

Price increase
If something became clear during the Wheel Sessions, it is that we’ve been putting too much value in Wheel for its price.

Starting next week, pre-order and retail prices will increase for new customers.

Like all record players, the stylus of Wheel picks up dust from the grooves of dusty records. This will affect performance, so it’s best to clean your stylus regularly.

Because Wheel’s stylus is mounted upside down, a ’normal' stylus brush isn’t ideal for Wheel. We now include a bespoke stylus brush with every Wheel, along with an updated manual.

The updated manual and a video of the stylus cleaning procedure will be posted shortly.

Peter and the Wheel team

Each Wheel now comes with a stylus cleaning brush.


The video gives an impression of part of Wheel's assembly process. Like more of our recent videos, this one is made by my talented son Berend. Thank you Berend!