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Audio Cable - Van den Hul Flexicon B4, mini-jack, 1.65m

Audio Cable - Van den Hul Flexicon B4, mini-jack, 1.65m

The Flexicon B4 RCA to mini-jack interconnect, especially designed to provide superior signal transfer quality between your Wheel and amplifier at a very affordable price.

Significant improvements in sound quality, resolution and imaging can be achieved by upgrading to this high-end Flexicon B4 mini-jack cable.


  • The Flexicon B4 comes terminated with high quality van den Hul gold-plated mini-jack to RCA male connectors
  • 1.65 meters long with ground connectors
  • Combining superior transmission quality, a very low conductor to conductor capacitance and a very high screening factor combined with a very high flexibility and a high durability.
  • The resistance of the centre conductors is 8.45 Ohm/100 meter
  • Core-core capacitance is 47 pF/m
  • Halogen Free
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