Wheel 2

THE UNORTHODOX TURNTABLE - € 1999 - Ships in 6 weeks

Wheel 2 is a turntable turned upside down. All delicate technology is inside the base, under your record. Like all Wheels, Wheel 2 turns counterclockwise.

Wheel 2 is completely hand built out of high grade materials, with a base finished in beautiful walnut or cherry. Wheel 2’s linear tonearm, phono stage and built-in preamp is carefully tuned to match the Audio Technica AT95E cartridge for a wonderful warm and detailed sound.

Wheel 2 introduction

Horizontal, vertical, flat on the table, upright on a stand, or hung on the wall.
Wheel plays in any position. The stand and wall mount is included with every Wheel.

Connect your Wheel 2

The Wheel 2 has a built-in preamp with a 3.5mm output which can be connected to a lot different devices like Sonos (with line input), headphones and active speakers.

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Stylus Tracking

Three closed loop motors and the linear tonearm control all movement where it counts most: at the tip of the stylus. The Audio Technica AT95E cartridge provides the built-in high-end preamp with a precisely controlled signal. The elliptical stylus is truly general purpose. Audiophile or average records; it forgivingly turns them into beautiful music. The unmatched Stylus Tracking and Constant Groove Speed are true turntable innovations, unique to Wheel 2.

Constant Groove Speed

Normal good record players might run a precise 33 1/3 rpm rotational speed for a LP, but we think that misses the point. The record itself defines the playback quality as much as the player does, probably more. Wheel 2 gathers info of all its motors to calculate the correct speed of the track or groove. Even if Wheel 2 plays a record that's out of alignment or balance (believe us, most are), it plays the track of your record at a constant 33 1/3 rpm. However, to lock the track into a constant speed, rotational speed is continuously corrected. In extreme cases that means that motor speed continuously varies between 31 and 35 rpm per revolution to achieve a true constant 33 1/3 rpm track speed. Of course this mechanism works the same for 45 rpm.

What does that mean to you? Just pop on almost any record on your Wheel 2 and enjoy your music as pure as it gets, that's what.

Stylus Tracking and Constant Groove Speed in action

Built-in preamp

In Wheel 2 we build our beautiful preamp right into the tonearm. Because the preamp is now just millimeters away from the cartridge, the delicate signal path from cartridge to preamp is extremely short. This is the most effective way to prevent signal loss, noise, eliminate distortion and preserve the unique quality of your recordings.

Ease of use

The Slide Track and graphic line display are key to the Wheel 2’s exceptional ease of use. To start and stop playing a record but also track selection, volume control, stylus weight and a wealth of other functions are easily controlled by the Slide Track. Visual feedback from the line display makes every action simple and straightforward.

Each Wheel 2 is hand built by our team. For an impression of our production see About us.