We’re very proud to introduce Klapklok! The soothing clock.

Klapklok is a unique digital analogue clock.
It's is purely mechanical, and most of the time completely inert. It doesn’t emit light or sound.
Only when there’s a time change, a soothing rustle of the flaps kindly draw your attention.
Displaying the hands of a clock in such a low resolution, Klapklok is a piece of art as much as it is a timepiece.
Klapklok makes no attempt to be modern, but it is.
It can be set directly from your phone and can even display your drawings or animations.

See Klapklok live at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven from October 21-29!

You really should see Klapklok live. You can find us in Atelier A1 at the Piet Hein Eek factory. 

Introductory offer

We’re building a small series of Klapklok that can be ordered exclusively at the Dutch Design Week. 
Hope to meet you there!