Black Wheel


The Black Wheel is an audiophile turntable turned upside down. All delicate technology is inside the base, under your record. Like all Wheels, the Black Wheel turns counterclockwise.

It works upright on a stand or can be hung on a wall, or flat on a table.
The Black Wheel is the very best Wheel we make today. It’s completely hand built out of high grade black materials and brushed metal, and extensively tuned to the highest specification. The Black Wheel is a true celebration of our Wheel concept.

*Our building capacity is very limited.
We reserve time to hand build just 5-10 Black Wheels per month.
The Black Wheel costs € 3799 and is shipped worldwide within 14 days after ordering.

Three closed loop motors and the linear tonearm control all movement where it counts most: at the tip of the stylus. The acclaimed AT Nude Shibata cartridge provides the built-in audiophile preamp with a precisely controlled signal. The unmatched stylus tracking and Constant Groove Speed are true turntable innovations, unique to Wheel.

We aim to improve and purify audio quality in each new version of Wheel. In the Black Wheel, the delicate cartridge-to-preamp signal path is just eighteen millimeters. The audiophile phono stage built into the linear tonearm delivers a pure RIAA equalized signal straight to your amplifier, headphones, active speakers or wireless setup.

The new stand is included with each Black Wheel. It’s base plate is rectangular and has more mass for improved balance and damping.

The Slide Track and graphic line display are key to the Black Wheel’s exceptional ease of use. Track selection, volume control, stylus weight and a wealth of other functions are easily controlled by the Slide Track. Visual feedback from the line display makes every action simple and straightforward.

The Black Wheel is a special turntable for many reasons. Because we only build a few of them by hand, we engrave each back plate with the signatures of our team. Each Black Wheel is hand crafted by Piet, Kasper, Levi, Peter, Arco and Floris.