First deliveries of Wheel are planned in the fourth or fifth week of 2019.
This morning we finally put an end to the plateau saga. We welcomed our plateau supplier in Schagen and worked out the remaining wrinkles. Bulk shipment of plateaus to our shop Schagen is still weeks away, but it’s a huge deal to us that most roadblocks are gone now, and we can start making Wheels in series!

After months of testing, the steamed wooden plinths put a slight strain on the housing, making it less rigid than we wanted. We developed a new way of making plinths; thin layers of high-grade wood are rolled in shape, creating a super stiff ring for a warp free housing.

We count ourselves lucky with the most supportive and patient backers and customers one could wish for. You have shown a great level of understanding and keenness to share our passion.

We thank you!

The Wheel team

Wheel on the wall

Wheel on the wall. Wheel works well at a range of angles. All Wheels include a stand and alignment features for vertical use.

Plinth production

Plinth production. We built a plinth rolling/gluing device. One roll contains 5 plinths that are cnc’d into shape before they're mounted on the base.