A new overview

It's time for a new overview. Let's take a look:


On the business side of things, we’ve had numerous talks with suppliers, dealers and distributors, press, and customers. We’re thoroughly updating our internal logistics and order processing structure to optimally support Wheel and projects to come. Now the dust has settled a bit we can devote most of our time to focus on engineering of Wheel.


Together with external specialists we’re finalizing all mechanical aspects of Wheel to make it ripe for production. Piet has all analogue electronics and component testing largely finished. The amps are at their seventh incarnation, and are turning out to be a marvel of minimalism, and lovely sound. Piet is waiting on the final cavity structure to finish the circuit design to order a test series of boards.


We simplified operation of the stick. During the campaign 45 rpm was added to the specs list. Initially we wanted to put the speed selector into the stick. Earlier in the process we already added a record unlock function to the stick. That’s too much functions so we changed that. This means the stick will work slightly different than we demonstrated, but in a much more logical and functional way.

Shop upgrade

We purchased a precision cnc lathe. We expect it to have it up and running in a few weeks. We’ll also be updating our shop with a lab press for processing 3d wood, laminates and rubber parts. We’re also in the process of setting up a measuring ridge. We built a cnc spinning setup. This allows us to precisely form aluminium platters to prototype and measure all properties of it before we invest in moulds.

Visiting our colleagues of Mag-Lev

Visiting our colleagues of Mag-Lev

And last saturday we plunged in the world of audiophiles at the High End Munich. When you see turntables at a price of € 160.000 (that’s without the tone-arm!) everything gets a new perspective… It was also very interesting to meet the people behind other Kickstarter-projects, like Mag-Lev.