Wheel Record One

Last week, we visited the Record Industry in Haarlem to check out the production of our Wheel Record One. The Record Industry is a full service pressing plant (since 1958) with all facilities you can dream of, and engineers to match.
Apart from all the state-of-the-art digital equipment they work with, they have a brand new studio with a unique collection of vintage analogue gear to create direct to disc recordings! We found ourselves in vinyl purist heaven.
Needless to say our transparent Wheel Record One was in good hands, and we witnessed how one of the automated vinyl presses pushed them out at a steady pace.
Wheel Record One needs a Wheel to be played on. In the previous weeks, more and more pieces of Wheel production fell into place. We also came across a heart stopping flaw that needed a rigorous change to get right. We did, it's behind us and Wheel is even better because of it. Details in the next update.
We plan to ship the first Wheels by the end of Q3 this year. As you know, Wheel will be delivered on a first come, first serve basis. Our expanding team works as hard as ever to get you your Wheel as soon as we can!
Thank you all for your ongoing support and patience.
Team Wheel


Hot Wheel. Right after pressing the vinyl (at 180 °C), the disk is pushed out, surplus vinyl is removed from the edge and the record gets slid into its sleeve to cool down.


Every Wheel comes with a Wheel Record One. Because it's transparent it allows you to see what happens inside Wheel when it's playing.