iWood 6s - 6
iWood 6s - 6
iWood 6s - 6
iWood 6s - 6
iWood 6s - 6

iWood 6s - 6

iWood 6s, the best wooden case
for your iPhone 6s

The iWood 6s for the iPhone 6s is carved out of a single block of the finest hand picked wood.
Each iWood is unique and feels like nothing else. The iWood 6s wraps tightly around the curves of the iPhone 6s.
The bezel design improves glass protection.
We completely rethought the inner structure of the iWood 6s to make it thinner and tougher than ever.
Your iPhone feels very slim and light, even with the iWood on.
Because every piece of wood is unique, so is every iWood 6s. Openings are slightly enlarged to work with most third audio and lighting connectors.
All buttons are recreated in wood. Placement has been improved for smoother handling.
The new closing mechanism tightly snaps in place, for a near-seamless case.

The iWood 6s also works with the older iPhone 6.
For a perfect fit you can order a free liner here.

Miniot products are designed and made in the Netherlands.
All wood is obtained from well-managed forests and certified supply.

We love wood

It's our passion to design with wood.
For millenia, wood has been the source of many great creations.
We humbly add our branch to that tree.

We no longer produce the iWood 6s; no other wood types will be offered.
We'll continue to offer the iWood 6s until our stock is depleted.