Custom engraving iWood and Miniot contour

Custom engraving iWood and Miniot contour

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Text engraving
Choose Text and send a mail with your text to
You can use one or two lines of roman text, max. 50 characters per line.

Apple logo
Choose Apple logo.
The Apple logo is engraved in the same position as the logo on your iPhone.

Logo, image or photo engraving
Choose Logo and send a mail with your image, logo or photo to Don’t forget to add if you want your engraving small (S), medium (M) or large (L).

Precise placement
File resolution should be 1000 x 1000 pixels for best results.
Use black and white for best results. Color and grayscale images will be converted to black and optimized for engraving. We engrave both vector and pixel images.
Warning: Too much detail might get lost in the wood structure. You can print your design (size 100%) to check dimensions and quality.